De Lucha Boys

At only eight years old, Max (Mees van den Bogaerdt) and Olaf (Kolya Curran) are pulling off all kinds of crazy stunts. Even though they do not speak the same language, they fully rely on each other for the execution of their risky plans. Unfortunately the sky is the limit, as they find out in their last daring game.

Twenty years later, Max (Huub Smit) and Olaf (Skaffa Sergeevich) still have not fully recovered from this last failure. The only solution seems to be to repeat the stunt: bigger, better, bolder!

De Lucha Boys is an action-packed dark comedy about friendship, flying and Mexican wrestling. Made by HKU-students Thijs Bazelmans (writer/director) and Bucko Arends (visual effects) as their graduation project, De Lucha Boys will blow you away!

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